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Termite Treatments - Pest Control

 If you've found termites DO NOT DISTURB THEM - Call us immediately on 02 4647 7378

To reduce your risk of a termite infestation, check the following common problems

Around The Clock Pest Control Termite Inspections are carried out to the Australian Standards AS3660.2, AS4349.3 and come with a written or emailed report with expert advice to reduce your risk of an infestation.

It is always recommended to call a licensed pest controller to carry out a full Termite Inspection on the property before any termite work is carried out. Termite inspections should be carried out at a minimum of every 6 months on all properties and even more frequently in high risk areas.

Baiting and Monitoring Systems - Termite Treatments & Protection - Pest Control

This system is where monitoring stations are installed around the outside of the property in the pursuit of intercepting the termites before they enter. Where termites are active, bait is applied and regularly replaced till the termites have been eliminated. Note that this system can be installed as a precautionary measure without active termites, and can reduce your risk of a termite infestation.
Baiting Systems Used - Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System




Chemical Barrier - Termite Treatments & Protection - Pest Control

Subfloor Areas – This is where the foundations and piers have been trenched and resubmitted with a chemical agent.




Slab-on Ground Homes - Termite Treatments & Protection - Pest Control

This is where paths that have been poured against the building will require drilling through and chemically injecting to prevent a concealed entrance. All other areas will require trenching and flooding.


Reticulation Systems - Termite Treatments & Protection - Pest Control

This is where piping has been installed against the slab edge under the ground, to protect the slab edge and needs to be charged with chemical by a pest controller every few years depending on the last service.


This is where a dusting agent is blown directly into the workings of termites allowing the dust to be transferred back to the nest by the termites. Note that this can only be carried out in cases where there is enough activity to the workings. There is no prevention in place on this service from future attacks. Further inspections will be required depending on the quotation.

Dusting Agent Used :         TERMIDOR® Dust Termiticide

For a termite treatment quote - Call us immediately on 02 4647 7378