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Termite Inspections

If you've found termites DO NOT DISTURB THEM - Call us immediately on 02 4647 7378

A Termite Inspection is a thorough check over the house for not only termites but for other issues that could create problems such as environments are conducive to termite infestations. To reduce your risk of a termite infestation, check the following common problems.

Around The Clock Pest Control’s Termite Inspections are carried out to the Australian Standards AS3660.2, AS4349.3 and come with a written or emailed report with expert advice to reduce your risk of an infestation.

It is always recommended to call a licensed pest controller to carry out a full Termite Inspection on the property before any termite work is carried out. Termite Inspections should be carried out at a minimum of every 6 months on all properties and even more frequently in high risk areas. 


Thinking of selling? 

before placing your property on the market, it’s always advisable to have a Termite Inspection carried out to disclose and rectify any hidden issues that may arise in the selling process.

Once you have a Termite Inspection you will also get great advice, but just getting advice and not acting on it puts you at a higher risk for an infestation. So correct the issue and keep up with regular service requirements.
Around The Clock Pest Control doesn’t only advise regular inspections, in between inspections the owner should keep an eye out for issues too.

Reduce Termite Risk

 Be on the lookout for these common problems.

  • Ventilation is not blocked and good air flow under the house and in the roof void.
  • Shower areas aren’t leaking under the house.
  • Down pipes are properly connected and draining away.
  • Hot Water tank overflows and air-conditioning units are drained.
  • Heavy foliage is keep cut well back from the house.
  • Stumps and any untreated timber in ground contact removed.
  • Behind the wet area walls, check for signs of leaking example shading in this area.
  • Check that roof tiles haven’t broken or cracked.
  • Gutters are clear and free from leaves.
  • Landscaping drains are clear and free from leaves.       


For Slab-on Ground Homes

  •  Check for a sign in the meter box for protection.
  •  Ground levels are below slab edge where there is no protection.
  •  Chemical Barriers and reticulating Systems are re-charged as required.
  •  Weep holes aren’t blocked allowing air flow to the wall cavity.

At Around The Clock Pest Control we have a strong network of other businesses offering a wide range of services which we highly recommend. In the jungle of finding good companies to carry out services or work for people, we find referral to be a great tool. You can’t pay to be in our network, they have been chosen because WE have used their services and received a high standard of customer service.