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Hidden costs after building or buying a new home!! 2013

- Monday, April 07, 2014

Hidden costs after building or buying a new home!! 2013

Around The Clock Pest Control

If you’re buying or building a new home you should always ask this question, what termite prevention is in place and is there any ongoing cost to maintaining the system. What are the requirements to maintain the warranty on this system and how can I void the warranty.

In most case there will be 100 ways to void the warranty and a few ways to maintain it. If your one of these buyers and not sure what system you have, try calling the builder or check through your paper work for a Certificate of Treatment for termite prevention.

If this don’t work have a look in your electrical meter box where you may find a sign indicating what system has been installed (if you had a good installer) and a contact number for the company who installed the system.

In most cases it will be a reticulation system or a physical barrier.

Physical Barrier

As this is a physical barrier the only cost in most cases is regular inspections (about $250 per inspection) remember not to cover or bridge the barrier line with ground levels or stored goods. This is the line running around the base of the house in most cases about one brick from the ground. Termites can get into house with these system and in my experience it’s from the Builder/Owner leaving timber/stored goods against the building and above the barrier line giving them consealed entre.

Reticulation Systems

These system require regular chemical charging every 1-3 years depending on the company and can cost between ($500-$1000) with a termite inspection. Termite inspection are also required in between chemical injecting, (about $250 per termite inspection).  Same as the physical barrier you still shouldn’t leave timber/stored goods against the building and above the barrier line giving them concealed entre.

There are many different systems out there so don’t be left in the dark and do your research.

Around The Clock Pest Control
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