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Common Problems - Pest Control

For a termite inspection - Call us immediately on 02 4647 7378

Below are some of the Common Problems that can be found in and around most homes, increasing the likely hood of termite infestations.

Weep holes and air vents that are covered by ground levels. NOTE: Slab on ground homes where the slab edge is covered with no prevention in place, pose a greater risk to a concealed entry and termite attack.
Weep Holes
no ant capping
Piers that are engaged or have no ant capping.
Hot water overflows that are not drained often dispense water against the house.
 hot water overflow
 Air condition drain
Air-conditioning drains that are not connected up often dispense water against the house.
Down pipes that are broken or not even connected.
  Broken pipe
  Tree stump
Tree stumps left in the ground.
Stored goods, timber and rubbish bridging barriers or ant capping.
  Store goods
  Timber from work
Timber form work left in the subfloor. Remove all timber in ground contact.
If there is a chemical sign in the meter box, ring and check when was the last service and the life expectancy of the chemical.
 Chemical sign
 Untreated Timber
Untreated timbers used in landscaping.
Roof tiles not correctly sealed, letting water and leaves in.
 Roof Tile not sealed
Chemical Reticulation systems
Check that chemical reticulation systems are serviced and fill as required.
Things like these are often overlooked and in most cases the main cause of a termite attack.