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Wasps - Pest Control

Wasps are an essential part of our in environment as they pollinate plants and kill off other pests such as flies and caterpillars. There are many different species of wasps throughout Australia. The 2 most common wasps encountered by people are the Paper Wasp and the European Wasp. As wasps will sting if threatened, seek advice from a professional ASAP, as their sting can be fatal for some people.

Paper Wasp

• The paper wasp is approx 10-15mm long and a tan colour with dark bands across its body and yellow on their heads.
• They like to build nests around pergolas, eaves and in trees and shrubs.
• Their nests are grey in colour; cone shaped and made of a papery wood fibre material.
• Paper wasps will attack if threatened. If stung seek first aid and medical advice ASAP.

European Wasp

EuropeanWasp• European wasp vary in size, a worker can be approx 12-15mm in length and a queen approx 20mm in length.
•They are bright yellow and have black arrow shaped markings down its abdomen and paired black spots on its side.
•They have black antennae, transparent wings and mostly yellow legs.
• Their nests are usually in a concealed area such as a roof cavity or underground.
• European wasps are extremely aggressive and will swarm out if disturbed to protect their nests.
• They are able to sting multiple times and medical attention should be sought ASAP if stung.